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First Manufacturing Company Inc. has been the first choice for sourcing high quality performance and fashion Leather apparel for decades by major retail and chain stores, big brand name owners as well as individual store owners. This diversity of customer base has helped us improve and maintain our quality while being extremely competitive. The fact that we are one of the world largest leather apparel manufacturers enables us to buy raw materials directly from source, guaranteeing their originality and performance and ensuring lowest costs.

The manufacturing and quality control systems that are unique to us in our part of the world ensure the strict requirements that must be met to do business with high end brands that we manufacture for. We take these standards as a norm that is followed for all production in our four overseas manufacturing units.

Here in US we have a state of the art hanging garment warehousing and distribution facility in Oceanside, New York.  Our operations are functional business setups with sales & distribution teams, warehouses, showrooms, as well as in-house design & marketing teams.

We are sure we will be able to earn your business by our innovative leading edge designs, amazing quality, competitive pricing and an unmatched customer service.

We take pride in what we do and it is reflected in our product and service.
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