It was early 2023 when we sat down with Jake and Zach in the shop at JJ Performance. The plan was to make workwear that fit our style but more importantly make the patterns fit "us".

Let's face it, not everyone is shaped like a refrigerator. Thats what the big box stores like to sell to the blue-collar crowd. And not everyone can afford to purchase the trendy Japanese workwear labels. 

image link - JJ Signature Jacket Raw Denim

We decided to start with two jacket patterns and modify the fit to match our taste. The Signature and Chore jackets are available in 14oz Raw Canvas, Raw Denim, and Waxed Canvas.

The crew at JJ run a few operations in the area from building places to live and work, fabricating parts for auto and construction, and working on some high-end vehicles. It's a family business that has expanded over the years to keep those involved motivated. You may work in the same environment or know someone who does. At the end of the day, we wanted to build something that can help you get your job done in style.

JJ Belts Available Now - Gloss Black, Matte Black, Crazy Horse Brown

 JJ 14oz Medium Wax Canvas Lined Chore Jacket in Green

In their Charlotte NC shop you can purchase from the full line of Thorogood Boots. This shop is more than just jackets and boots. If you have a love for 4x4 trucks or fast cars the guys at JJ Performance can set you up with the right parts for your project. If your wallet allows, you can commission the team to build you a SEMA worthy vehicle that will make any motorhead stop and ask questions.

Check out the JJ Instagram for images of a new GMC Trophy Truck they are building - Its available for purchase. @JJPERFORMANCECLT

Field tested in Southern red clay - JJ Signature Waxed Grey Jacket

JJ 14oz Raw Canvas Double Knee work pants- Special Release Winter 2024 in two fits. Slim or Straight with two lengths and Multiple colors. image below Black size 31x32 

The plan is to provide something for everyone to use in any situation while using quality materials and offer them at an affordable price. Go support the crew and purchase a Flannel, Jacket, or Belt this season, and remember to sign up for their email list for future release dates.