Available for men and women, Rybak Riding Gear & Apparel started producing street riding gear because of one fundamental reason: they believed that the motorcycle industry did not create designs derived from a rider’s perspective.


At First Mfg. Co we get the opportunity to manufacture a huge list of products for the motorcycle industry. Every few years we get to make something special, so when the team from Rybak Riding Gear & Apparel visited our office to talk about this pattern we knew we had to make it. This pattern has everything you need. Its ability to function as a jacket and a vest is only the start. Check out a few other features below.

Humbly called The Biker Club jacket, this 4 in one product has a long list of novel features that make a rider’s life on the bike considerably better.


Every modern company wants to use the best materials available. Using Dyneema® construction in the signature denim version gives the jacket unparalleled abrasion resistance. The Biker Club Jacket is also available in a heavy 1.2mm naked cow hide. 

A key feature to note is the patented collapse and fasten removable hood, which will allow the wearer to affix it on their head comfortably or collapse it to prevent wind interference.  
The detachable face guard will shield your face and neck, the expansion panels will provide a wide range of motion, 10 pockets, built-in ventilation, magnetic drawstrings, fingerless glove, double zippers and the list goes on.  

Because this is a modular jacket, it allows for all parts to be removable and interchangeable. If all is removed it becomes a cool, unusual looking vest.  

This product line stands out from others due to patented features and functional elements which have been developed over years of street riding experience. It is designed to accommodate a wider range of riders in various ways. The Biker Club Jacket is the first product to utilize these patented features and functional elements and has the potential to forever change industry standards. 
Their first label is playfully called "Biker Club" so one can become a member by purchasing this unbelievable jacket. Are you ready to join the club? Click Here