Michael Lichter has been a staple in the Motorcycle Photography world for well over 3 decades. And for the last 13 years, he’s been the curator for the Buffalo Chip’s Motorcycles As Art exhibit held on the campgrounds. Every year, Michael chooses a new theme in which the builders work around obstacles to build motorcycles based off of the overall theme. This is by far one of the best motorcycle shows that takes place at Sturgis and is an absolute must see. Every single bike is worthy of staring at for an obnoxious amount of time. If you don’t take your time here, you’re going to miss those tiny little details that these builders put their heart and soul into. On top of bikes, the walls are lined with some of Lichter’s most iconic photos from the last 40 years of bike events. Rallies, Shows, Main streets, you name it. If there was a major bike event, he was sure to be there to document the culture. Tim and Pat got the chance to check out this year's installment titled “More Mettle”. These are some of the most intricate bikes we’ve ever seen and I can't stress the fact that everyone needs to check this out. Take a look at some of the featured bikes below and see for yourself.