5 Things To Do Before You Ride

If you’re anything like us, going on a motorcycle ride is the highlight of your day. It’s hard not to just run over to your bike, turn the key, hit the starter button and ride off into the sunset…
But, we all know there’s a few things you should do before you hit the road. Let’s take a look at 5 things you should be doing before you throw your leg over that bike!

1 - T-CLOCS 

Remember in your motorcycle safety class, they talked about “T-CLOCS”? Or, maybe you’ve never heard that term. Well, T-CLOCS is an acronym for all of the things you should check out about your motorcycle before you hit the road.  Now, you may not need to check your fluids beore every ride, but be sure to check it often!
T - Tires & Wheels - Check your tread, and your air pressure. Check for any cracks, bubbles, and embedded objects. Check your wheels for cracks, and if you have spokes, check for any loose or missing spokes. Check your brakes, and chain or belt while you’re there, too!
C - Controls - Check to be sure your bars are straight, and mounted tightly. Ensure your throttle snaps back to position.  Ensure that all of your cables and wires have no interference, or cuts, cracks or wear. 
L - Lights & Electronics - Ensure your lights all work properly. Check your battery, your terminals should be clean and tight. 
O - Oils and other fluids - Check the levels and condition of engine oil, gear oil, brake fluids, and if you have it, coolant. Ensure there are no leaks.
C - Chassis - Check the frame for cracks, paint lifting, and condition. Check bushings and bearings. Check the suspension and possibly play. Ensure there are no missing fasteners. 
S - Stands - Check your center or side stand for condition, and ensure the springs are working properly.

2 - Check the weather conditions

It may be beautiful and sunny out now - but those rain clouds may be just over the horizon. Check the weather before you hit the road so you know what gear to bring - you may want to throw your rain gear, heated gear, or an extra set of gloves or a thicker jacket in your bag before you head out!


3 - Grab Your Gear

Now, laws are different depending on your location on what you are legally required to wear while riding. But we definitely recommend motorcycle gear! From a helmet to protect your brain, to a leather jacket or vest, Kevlar Brand lined jeans, gloves, and quality boots, you can be confident and protected on your ride. 

We have a ton of options for gear - leather jackets in various styles, vests in leather or canvas, and tons of options for gloves, from an unlined Roper style to full-knuckle-protection like the Cascade. 

4 - Check Yourself 

Don’t forget about you! Be sure you’re hydrated, and not hungry. Motorcycling is a blast, but it can also be dangerous if you’re not feeling 100%. Maybe a cup of coffee and some caffeine will bring you up to speed, or maybe a Snickers!
Remember, if you’re tired, hangry, angry.. You might want to give yourself a bit before you ride.

5 - Set Your Route

OK, we know that some days just call for getting lost. But, if you’re headed somewhere specific, be sure to take a look at your planned route ahead of time. Inclement weather, road closures, and road construction can really be a damper on a fun ride. If you’ve got a phone mount, or a bluetooth communications system (Like a Lexin), you can map out your route and follow directions easily. But be sure you’ve got an option for charging that phone, whether it’s a USB plug on your bike, or a portable charger.

Try to set a backup plan, too! If conditions change, especially on long rides or destination rides, it’s great to have an alternative route. We’ve come upon situations where suddenly, the road was torn up and only a terrible dirt road was left in its place - so the backup route we knew of saved us from 10 miles of dusty, pothole-filled gravel roads. 
Motorcycles are all about having fun and twisting that throttle, but be sure to prepare yourself and your bike for the ride ahead!