The women’s motorcycle community is currently one of the most dominant markets in the powersports industry. First MFG Co. is proud to announce a partnership with our friend Leslie Padoll, owner and creator of the iconic women’s brand, Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber. As a motorcyclist herself, Leslie launched BH&BR in 2015 after she felt the market lacked appropriate gear for women, specifically boots. Leslie had proven the companies were not making boots as tuff as the women who rode their motorcycles. Leslie’s number one priority for her brand has always been quality, comfort and style at an affordable price. Her brand grew to be a staple in both the motorcycle and fashion industry, and is even partnered with Vibram; creating the first ergonomically designed women’s motorcycle sole. Over the years we have worked closely with Leslie by guiding the expansion, development and manufacturing of apparel and accessories for her brand. First MFG Co. is one of the largest manufacturers in the industry, but we recognize the hard work and tenacity it takes to keep smaller brands going. 
Today, we are launching the FMC x BH&BR Collection. This is a first for us to bring on another brand as a collaboration, but we are excited to support the women’s motorcycle community and women owned businesses.  Head over to the collection and check it out!  #FMCXBHBR
Photos: Geoff Barrenger