Just a few weeks ago we ran into Jessica and her group of friends inside the Daytona International Speedway while attending the VTwin Visionary motorcycle show.

Anytime a group or bikes pulled in everyone would stop to see who was riding up. Jessica and her crew rolled in with huge smiles on their faces, instantly a crowd formed around their group of bikes.

For most of the women in her group Daytona was the first time they had been together in person. Up until that time they were only friends via social media. It's truly amazing how our community works. Check out what she had to say.

I started on the back, now I’m here. Simply started riding for the brownie points with no idea how much I’d  truly love to ride my own. Inspiring women riders is something more empowering than words can describe. The experience so far has been liberating, meeting women from all over the country who come together has been so badass!