Uh-oh.. It’s getting close to Halloween, and you don’t have your costume figured out yet?! Time to get on it!

Well, chances are, if you’re a First MFG fan, that you’ve got a leather jacket in your closet.. So let’s look at some costume ideas that can easily be put together with your jacket, and a few items from pretty much whatever big box store, or even thrift store, is near you!

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Freddie Mercury of Queen

Everyone loves Queen, right? You don’t have to be able to sing like Freddie to get the look, though. Grab a black wig and mustache at your local halloween store, some aviator sunglasses, throw on a fitted white tank top, some ripped jeans, a leather belt, and of course, your leather jacket! The Superstar, Night Rider, or Fillmore are perfect for this costume!

Eddie Munson in Stranger Things

If you’re a Stranger Things fan, this one is for you!
Eddie Munson is a fan of the jacket/vest combo - so all you need is one of our black leather jackets, like the Ace, and a denim jacket on top, like the Showdown vest. Then throw on a pair of black, ripped jeans, white tennis shoes, and don’t forget the Hellfire Club shirt - easily found at a costume shop.Throw on some biker style rings, and a wallet chain to really tie this one together. Don’t forget to add some patches to your vest!

Olivia Newton John as Sandy in Grease



Wow the crowds, and Danny Zuko as the baddie version of Sandy. When she drops her poodle skirts for a leather jacket, everyones jaw drops.. And they will for you, too!  The Ryman, Imogen or PopStar jacket with an off the shoulder black shirt, tight black pants, the shinier the better. Some red high heeled open toed shoes, and a wig, or a lot of hairspray will get you this look.. And don’t forget the red lipstick!


John Travolta as Danny Zuko in Grease

Join the T-Birds as Danny Zuko - grab your leather motorcycle style jacket, like the Superstar, pair it with some black cuffed jeans, a white t shirt, and of course.. THAT HAIR!

Janet Jackson in Rhythm Nation

We ALL remember the iconic video, with Janet rockin’ a military style jacket, and baseball hat. Bring this look back with the Maiden or Supastar jacket, add some pins and military style flair to it, and don’t forget the classic baseball hat! Add a black shirt, belt and black pants with boots, and a ponytail, and get the look!

Michael Jackson in Thriller

The King Of Pop loved his leather jackets - and if you happen to have a red one, you’re in luck! 

Do we even need to detail this one? Red leather jacket, red pants, white socks, and black shoes. Easy peasy!

Go for the bonus, and add in the zombie makeup to make this one really thrilling. 

Even more bonus points if you can do the dance!

Eddie in Rocky Horror Picture Show

This one is a little more underground, but if you’re a fan of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Eddie is the love interest of Columbia.. And the dinner guest.. “Of honor” you could say. Get Eddie’s rock’n’roll / biker look with a leather vest like our Rockin’  and add on some safety pins, even some leopard print, along with a black t-shirt, ripped jeans, boots, and a bandana. Throw on some scars across your forehead, and grab a (fake) saxophone if you can find one! 

Katniss Everdeen in Hunger Games

Throw on your Electra jacket, a black shirt, jeans, and boots, and grab yourself a bow and arrow to easily complete this look. 

Cruella De Vil 

Now, you’ll definitely need a wig to complete this look! This costume can be achieved - not necessarily screen accurately, but we guarantee people will know who you are. Especially if you carry a stuffed dalmatian!
You can use the Tantrum jacket for her less avant-garde look, or even layer a leather vest like the Nina over a black long sleeve shirt, bonus if it has a checkered pattern like her wild leather jacket! Add a mid-length black skirt, heeled booties, and our Dame Gloves for the full effect!


Black Widow in the Avengers

Are you an Avengers fan? Well, Back Widow loves leather as much as we do. Rock some tall black boots, leather pants and a fitted leather jacket  like the Cyclone for this look. You can likely grab some accessories to finalize this at your local costume shop. And don’t forget the red wig!

Mad Max

Who remembers the original Mad Max starring Mel Gibson? We do! 

Max rocked a serious leather jacket in the original movie - and Fillmore is a great start!

Add on accouterments, like a dangling crescent wrench, spikes, and more. Black pants, preferably leather, boots and some weapons, too! And don’t forget the leather gloves!


Now, you’ll definitely have to hit the costume shop to get your “blades” for this one, but the Indy jacket is a great start for this costume. Throw on jeans, a big belt buckle, an open button down and a white undershirt. And don’t forget the wild hair, and chops!


Christina Applegate as Kelly Bundy of Married With Children

Who remembers when Kelly Bundy got a Harley-Davidson Sportster? “You can ride alone, you can ride in a group of other motorcycles, you can ride alone, but go to the place where other people rode their motorcycles, you can go to this place, and talk about motorcycles, then you can get back on and go home!” 

This one is pretty easy, as Kelly is spotted in her motorcycle style leather jacket quite often in the series. When she gets the bike, she is wearing a red tank top, jeans, and a choker, but with a big, 80’s poufed blonde wig, just about any outfit works out! 

The FMC x BHBR Imogen jacket, or Rockstar would work perfectly for this costume. 

Don’t forget, Al Bundy rocks a denim vest when he goes on a ride in the same episode!

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

If you’ve got our brown Indy jacket, you’re in luck! But any simple style brown leather will work here, like Raider, Crusader, or even Hipster. Indiana Jones is a pretty easy costume to replicate - a light cream colored button down, brown pants, brown belt, black shoes, and of course, Indiana’s signature hat. Throw in the whip, too, and don’t forget the satchel! (It’s not a purse… it’s a satchel!) and watch out for snakes!

Rip Wheeler in Yellowstone

Everyone has been talking about Yellowstone, so get in on the action. Throw on our Villain jacket with a black button down, blue jeans, cowboy boots, and of course a big ol rodeo style buckle. Don’t forget the aviator glasses or the full effect!

And for the couples, don’t forget Beth.

Beth Dutton in Yellowstone

Beth rocks a leather jacket too! Some comparable jackets would be the Pop Star, or even Sexy Biker with the detailing on the arms. Throw on a low cut, v neck tank, and denim jeans to complete this simple costume.



 We’ve got some great options like the Tombstone or the Texan to be your best Wyatt Earp or Doc Holliday! A white button down, the Tombstone Leather Vest, a bandana or neck tie, with black trousers, a belt, a holster and toy pistols, cowboy boots, and don’t forget one of the amazing mustaches!

And don’t think we forgot the kids here!!

The Crybaby Kid’s Jacket is perfect for your little Fonzie, Rock N Roll star, or even a tiny Joan Jett!

And just think of all the other options out there to wear your First MFG leather - Top Gun, James Dean, Catwoman, Cobra Kai, Emma Stone in Zombieland, Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy, The Matrix, Sons of Anarchy, The Mayans, Joan Jett, Cowboy, Edward Scissorhands, Fonzie, and SO many more! 

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