What To Get For the Motorcyclist in Your Life for the Holidays 

A Leather Jacket, of course!

This one is pretty easy - you can grab their favorite, best fitting jacket and see what size it is. Measurements are even better - but if you get the size wrong, no big deal. We can exchange new, unworn items with the tags on for the correct size.

Some favorites are:


VENDETTA Jacket - The Vendetta is a lightweight jacket, made of sheep dutch leather in a black/olive finish. It’s got a zip out hood and zip out liner, and is packed with FMC features. It comes in at $319.99

Find it here: https://www.firstmfg.com/collections/mens-jackets/products/vendetta-mens-leather-motorcycle-jacket-black-olive

FILLMORE Jacket - Love a vintage style, classic motorcycle jacket? So do we. The Fillmore is IT! It’s drum dyed naked cowhide, in a classic style with the FMC upgrades. Conceal carry pockets, action back, zip out liner, and armor pockets. Size up for this one! It’s a steal at $289.99

Find it here: https://www.firstmfg.com/collections/mens-jackets/products/fillmore-mens-motorcycle-leather-jacket-black

TOP PERFORMER JACKET - This diamond naked cowhide jacket is popular for a reason - it rules! With all kinds of details, pockets, gussets and an insulated zip out liner, this jacket is super versatile. Get it for $329.99!

Find it here: https://www.firstmfg.com/collections/mens-jackets/products/top-performer-mens-motorcycle-leather-jacket-black 


LESLEY Jacket - LOVE FRINGE? We do!! The Lesley Jacket is part of our collab with Breaking Hearts Burning Rubber, and it’s the most perfect fringed leather jacket. Sway the night away or hit the road and show off in this one! Get it for $428.99

Find it here: https://www.firstmfg.com/collections/womens-jackets/products/lesley

The WILDSIDE - this vintage style cowhide leather jacket features a lace front and asymmetrical zipper. It also boasts a zip out liner, and conceal carry pockets. Tons of style for only $259!

WILDSIDE (5 of 35).jpg
Find it here: https://www.firstmfg.com/collections/womens-jackets/products/wildside-motorcycle-leather-jacket

CYCLONE Jacket - This simple, modern style jacket is super comfy, and even insulated! This diamond naked cowhide jacket comes in at $279.99

Find it here: https://www.firstmfg.com/collections/womens-jackets/products/cyclone-motorcycle-womens-leather-jacket

A great way to show you care is with safety - a great option is our DuPont™ Kevlar®  lined jeans - the Interstate, York, and Boulevard.

Each of our three options are lined with Kevlar® fabric, and made from denim  constructed with 88% cotton, 10% polyester and 2% Spandex for a little bit of stretch and give.  They’re AA certified and CE Level Two approved. Oh, and they’ve got armor pockets, too! These range from $239-339.

Copy of KEVLAR SHOTS_PATS GARAGE (5 of 28) Edit


You live where it’s just TOO WARM for that? Yes, California, we know. We think you’re great and we appreciate your lane-splitting laws! 

Well, if it’s never “leather weather” for you, how about a vest?

We’ve got options in leather, canvas, and even denim, check these out:


LOWSIDE Canvas Vest - at 3” shorter, and a half-size smaller, the Lowside is a vest for riding hard. Being shorter allows it to sit in a spot where it won't scrunch up, so you can be comfortable on rides. And it’s only $109.99, so it won’t break the bank!

Find it here: https://www.firstmfg.com/products/lowside-canvas-mens-motorcycle-canvas-vest-tan

49/51 Denim and Leather Vest - This true to size vest has a denim body with Diamond cowhide on the shoulders and accents. Oh, and it’s only $159.99 

Find it here: https://www.firstmfg.com/products/49-51-mens-motorcycle-leather-canvas-vest?variant=8179601506392

REIGN JACKET - Our Reign Jacket is a rugged waterproof outer shell for riding in all conditions. Its made out of a waterproof yet breathable Max Tec 600D Fabric for enhanced protection and comfort. It's offered in Black, Blue Camo. This Jacket also comes packed with our CE Approved Level 1 Armor.

Find it here: https://www.firstmfg.com/collections/womens-jackets/products/cyclone-motorcycle-womens-leather-jacket


LUDLOW - this ladies leather club style vest is buttery soft, while still giving that club style vibe. Packed with all out standard features, she’ll never want to take it off. It’s $129.99 for sheep leather, or $99.99 for denim or canvas!

Find it here: https://www.firstmfg.com/collections/womens-vests/products/ludlow-womens-motorcycle-leather-vest

HONEY BADGER - This naked cowhide vest rocks in the classic v-neck style, with snaps and side lacing. It has conceal carry pockets, and available in TALL sizes too! Get it for $119.99!

Find it here: https://www.firstmfg.com/collections/womens-vests/products/honey-badger-womens-motorcycle-leather-vest

SOPHIA MOTORCYCLE FLANNEL - The Sophia is a water-repellent flannel, featuring Kevlar lining, armor pockets, mesh lining, and all of our standard pockets. At only $139.99 this is the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t need a super warm jacket, but something for warm riding days!

Find it here: https://www.firstmfg.com/collections/womens-shirt/products/sophia-womans-motorcycle-flannel-shirt

A jacket or pants a little out of budget? 

How about some gloves?

Our Clutch gloves are warm-season (or warm location!) gloves. These unlined, short cuff motorcycle gloves feature a full leather palm and stretch polyester outer for a snug fit while riding. Oh, and they come in a ton of patterns! And they’re a GREAT deal at $29.99

Find them here: 


Still not feelin’ like any of these are the choice? Hmm..

Maybe some armor for a jacket they already have? Most First MFG jackets have pockets for armor! And what better way to let someone know that you care by getting them safety gear? We’ve got CE-2 approved armor in multiple options, the full kit for you jacket, just shoulders or elbows, hip and knee armor…

Check out our CE armor here - ALL ARMOR LINK

Ok, you grabbed some gear for one gift, but you want to add *something* but you’re just not sure what?

How about these…

LEXIN HEADSETS - We LOVE Lexin! Bluetooth headsets are so handy for communicating out on the road. Instead of frantically trying to use hand signals that your group may or may not understand, you can wirelessly link to their headsets and use words to get your point across. And they’re a great deal, with a single headset being around $169.
Here’s our favorite: https://lexin-moto.com/collections/headsets/products/ft4-pro-bluetooth-headset-4-way-intercom-single-pack

ELITE MOTOTECH LEVERS - An easy upgrade to nearly any motorcycle is levers! And Elite Mototech is known for their patented easy-pull clutch lever upgrades. Grab your friend (or.. Let’s be real, yourself) a set of levers over on EliteMototech.com

SADDLEMEN SEATS - The key to you and your passenger’s comfort on the motorcycle is a good seat. And Saddlemen is well known for just that - their gel seats ensure your comfort so you can lay down the miles. If you’re their backseat passenger, or even if you’re just the buddy that has to hear your friend complain about how much their seat sucks, consider grabbing them a Saddlemen seat for the holiday! 

Find them on saddlemen.com

FREAKMOUNT MOTO PHONE MOUNT - These phone mounts are minimal, not very expensive, and make a great stocking stuffer! Keep your handlebars clear with this tank-mount magnet phone holder. And they’re only $49.99!

Find one here: https://www.freakmount.com

Do you have some cash burning a hole in your pocket? The next one isn’t cheap, but it IS a lifetime investment, and a lifesaver for when you need it…

STINGER TRAILER - Look, we LOVE riding. LOVE IT. We’re always down to lay down some miles. But sometimes, you, or maybe your buddy with the pain in the @!$ chopper need a tow. If you’re like us, located somewhere where sometimes, winter makes the decision for you, and you’ve gotta strap that bike down and get outta town. Well, for that, we love Stinger Trailers! They’ve got options for one, two or three motorcycles, and even options for sidecars, trikes and UTV’s!

See them at https://stingertrailer.com

Ok, nothing on this list is screaming “PICK ME!” and you just can’t come up with what you want to give… it’s ok, fall back on the gift card!
Grab one here: