Last summer we spent 10 days riding up and down the California coast. One day while shooting some video in Long Beach we stopped by the Saddlemen R&D shop and sat down with the guys behind the brand to go over a special project. The plan was to mix their proven seat pattern with one of our best-selling items. The design involved mixing two styles of custom stitching and our 20oz Heavy Hitter canvas. The Hunt Club Step Up idea was born.

The team at Saddlemen pushed their brand to new heights with the introduction of the Step-Up seat a few years back. Simultaneously First Mfg Co was working on a rebrand and improving our classic motorcycle gear. Both brands have grown over the last few years and our customers share the same love for each. Collectively we strive to give our customers the best quality for a reasonable price.

Its easy to track our family of riders on social media, men and women both tagging Saddlemen and FMCo in the same image. After our thoughts were put on paper and the design was set, we knew this was going to be a great looking seat. 


The TEAM seat features a tuck and roll driver seat with diamond stitch on the passenger seat. The drivers back support features our 20oz canvas, the tail section is capped off with the same color canvas.


NOTE: This seat is for FMCo TEAM Riders - We have 3 headed to Daytona for Bike Week so keep your eyes open. If you see one at your local bike night or Rally say what's up to the owner. 

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