Jacket - Raider & Turbine

If you’ve never been to Sturgis before, the veterans can tell you that the weather is all over the place. You can be hot one minute, and just across the campgrounds it could drop 20 degrees and start hailing out of nowhere. A Jacket is definitely a must have to keep around. Even if you bungee it to your handlebars, sissy bar, or keep it in your bags. Our recommendation would be our Raider Jacket. It features full venting on the front and back for your summer riding as well as a full zip out liner for warmth in the cold weather. If youre looking for something way lighter for protection from the sun, check out our Turbine. Its a perforated leather jacket for full ventilation. Both of these options are a top choice for our riders going to Sturgis this year. 




Riding Jeans - York & Boulevard

This year we released our York Jeans and Boulevard Pants. Both of these items are a must have for every rider. We’ve lined them with 100% Dupont Kevlar in major impact areas to protect you from road rash. They come already equipped with our CE-2 AA Rated armor for impact as well. The inner shell is made of a lightweight breathable mesh for comfort. All in all, this is an absolute need for Sturgis. 




Gloves - Roper

Riding around in Sturgis during the day gets a little much with the summer sun beating down on your hands. On the opposite side, your hands will be freezing at night. Protect those mitts with our Roper gloves. 



Rain Gear - First MFG Rain Suit

Our Rain Suits are a perfect example of the old saying “Id rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it”. Weather gets real sporadic and can be blistering hot one minute, and pouring rain the next. This is definitely a must have if youre going to be out riding through the black hills. 

Rain Suit


Tool Kit - FMC Tool Roll

Don’t break down without your tools! The last thing you want to be is stranded on the side of the road with no way to fix your bike. We know a lot of you have newer bikes that aren’t prone to breaking down but there are a few of you riding older bikes living your chopper dreams. If you dont have one already, definitely pack your half inch in our all canvas tool roll. 

Tool Roll


Honorable Mentions:

Sun Screen - This is a given. Dont get yourself burnt up with nowhere to buy aloe! 

Multi Tool - Everyone needs a good Leatherman! These can get you out of a massive pickle.

Bungee Cords - Everyones going to need to strap something to their bike at some point. Dont leave camp without one!