Did you know we have a network of First Mfg. dealers across the US? Use our dealer locator ( Find a retailer near you to shop First MFG Leather apparel and gear – First Manufacturing Company  ) and find your local shop. This is the best way to find the most FMC products in one spot and to be able to learn about our leather and fabric options.

If you visited one of our pop-up shops at the rally’s you were probably asked to try on a few items to get your best fit. Once you know your size it’s easy to shop for products on the website and be confident when ordering a custom vest online.

When trying on a vest or jacket in a shop always remember to bring the other items you wear when riding. We recommend bringing a sweatshirt or heavy flannel to wear under the item so you know it will fit when layering in the colder seasons. Bring your helmet as well and sit on your bike or ask to sit on a bike in the showroom if available. A classic mc jacket will fit slightly different than our single zipper jacket in the riding position. So, get the jacket that feels the best in the seated riding position.

Your jacket or vest should fit snug when zipped and snapped up. A loose jacket or vest will cause more harm in an accident. Loose items will not let the rider hit and slide across the pavement, in most cases it will catch and cause the rider to tumble, causing harm to arms and legs.


When buying a vest, we recommend the length to hit you at your belt buckle or above. A proper vest length will be more comfortable on long road days.

Do you live in a helmet state? No one wants their vest to ride up and hit the base of their helmet. The vest should sit on your shoulders when your hands are on the bars in a riding position. Note: a fitted vest will stay in place and not fill up with air at highway speeds.


Are you new to the brand and just don’t know what size to get and don't have a dealer in your area? First ask your friends what size their FMC vest is. Are you a Lone Wolf, no friends, highway nomad? Don’t stress just give us a call and we will help you over the phone or feel free to DM us on Instagram.

If you are ordering online and received the wrong size and need to switch it out that's ok. Just keep the tags on and hit us up for a RA number. We will get you a different size out asap.

Ride Safe #ridewithfirst

Header Photo: Rachael Stroh