This past Saturday, Pat and I got to head down to NC to check out the largest mini bike race in the country. The War Run is a yearly event in North Carolina that pits Stock and Modified mini bikes against each other in a wild race. The 5th installment of the event started out with a cool ride around the North Carolina countryside and rolled back to the fairgrounds.

Once everyone was back, the inspection of the mini bikes started and the practice runs were underway. The makeshift track was outlined by only one small buffer of tires and made up of multiple twists and turns. It even had a 3 foot drop into a ditch that destroyed many chains and tires.

As soon as 3pm hit, the races were on. First up were the stock bikes. They ranged from mini pit bikes and Doodlebugs to even the small little Coleman bikes you’d find at a Sears. These racers were ripping and it started to get hairy right out of the gate. Guys (and Gals) were hitting these corners like they owed them money. Ill be honest, I didn’t realize people took these races as serious as they did but when I started seeing the elbows fly I knew it was going to be a solid day. Once the stock class was finished, the modified class was up and it was wild. These dudes ripped up the track literally and figuratively. Watching these guys take corners on these bikes and making it look like a cake walk was awesome.

With any sort of race, you always root for friends or people you somewhat know. It was a lot of fun being able to yell at your friends while they’re taking corners sideways. There were a couple spills here and there but luckily no major injuries (surprisingly). Once it got dark and the finals took place, it was time to relax and raffle off all the prizes. All in all it was definitely one of the coolest events we’ve been to. If you're on the east coast, you don’t want to miss this next year.