Tell us about your bike.
I am the proud owner of a 2018 Harley-Davidson Sport Glide. I picked this bike up in August of 2018 shortly after its model release and have been having a blast on it! I have also done several upgrades over the last few years since buying it stock. Customizing a Harley is a big part of what makes these bikes so enjoyable. You can make it fit your style and comfort preferences.

When did you start doing Vlogs?
My first Youtube video went live in February of 2018. Back then I owned a 2014 H-D Iron 883, which happened to be my first motorcycle. This all started as just a fun hobby but turned into so much more than that. I've been able to use the motovlog medium to spread Autism awareness and even do a little fundraising for special needs businesses, organizations and support groups. Two years later, I am still having a blast making videos and sharing my two-wheel experiences with everyone.

What has been your favorite motorcycle trip?
I haven't been able to do many long trips since I first started riding back in 2017, but I have done several all-day rides. I do plan to do some longer trips in the future. To nail it down, I would say the rides and experiences at the 2019 Midwest Moto Meet-Up last year have been the most memorable.

Do you have a bucket list ride?
I always talk about a ride out to Phoenix, AZ would be a killer trip. I went to college out there and remember how stunning the desert was visually. To do that trip with some Route 66 peppered in would be an amazing ride/experience.

When you are not making Vlogs and riding what keeps you busy?
I work full time as a graphic designer. I also dedicate spending time with my wife and two boys. Family and friends time is always a must. I am also a member of the Five Dirty Bikers Podcast, which is a ton of fun.

IG: @dcycle_moto