For over 30 years FMCo has been making Jackets and vests for motorcyclists. In the 80's we focused on a few basic jackets, your traditional vests, and chaps. In the 90's we expanded the line and offered a few performance jackets and leather pants and of course biker flair. The items that were cool back then quickly turned trashy and now it's what the vintage market is thriving on. In the early 2000's motorcycles were on every tv channel and Hollywood was quick to make a buck and we were making leather shirts by the hundreds for all the baby boomers that wanted to look like a badass. In the mid to late 00's the scene was dead but motorcycle riders were still out doing what they do and the next crop of riders were at skate parks, riding BMX, surfing, and hitting trails on dirt bikes and four wheelers.

FMCo needed to reach that next group of riders. The ones that grew up and could spot a fake a mile away, the same people that grew up on X-Games and already understood what cool was. So we made a lot of changes to our products to make them better for the new wave of riders. Your dads and uncles jackets were rad and they worked but today's crowd wants something just a little more. We wanted to make something you would hand down to someone just like the last generation did for us. With that said I believe in talking with our customers and if possible riding with them to get an honest opinion about what we are making. A few of you have found me at the rallies and told me what you wanted in your gear. Some of you have spent some time riding with me and I can say that's the best part about the job. Seeing an item we worked to bring to market going down the road is awesome. So we are planning more events like this one at Speedway HD to get you some one on one time with the brand to ride and test new items, and maybe try something you wanted to buy but you weren't quite sure about. Check out the video below and ask your local FMCo dealer to sign up for future test rides. Get behind a brand that is taking the time to make a quality product for modern riders.

Best, Aaron H