For most of the country the weather is starting to change. It is now time to hang up that heavy leather jacket and feel a little wind.

For as long as modern motorcycles have been roaming the highways and backroads of America denim pants and jackets have been a top choice for protection. Good denim can protect you from the elements and the unfortunate mishap.


Flash back to WWII, before the war the cool kids wore sweaters while riding motorcycles. After the war our soldiers brought a new look to the motorcycle lifestyle. Denim jackets slowly started to appear after “family clubs” & “outlaw clubs” started popping up. Men cut the sleeves off denim jackets and wore them over their military deck jackets. At the same time sleeves were cut off leather flight jackets. The term “Cut” was born. After a few years, companies started to produce the jackets with cut off sleeves for purchase.


In 1947 the denim jean was the look, and main choice for riders. Motorcycling was not main stream like it is today. It was filled with blue collar workers that used denim jeans for trade work. The materials tough weave and thick thread was perfect for protection. After some bad publicity in the late 40’s motorcycling’s bad guy image was permanently set in pop culture history. The denim jean was the #1 choice for every rider moving forward.


A good pair of jeans and a fitted Cut is the standard for most riders. This combo can get you through almost any weather across the country. “ remember to layer for long rides” . Denim is easy to clean and lightweight. Soak your denim in cold water and hang to dry is the best practice. If it starts to smell put it in the freezer for two days. But most of you will wear it daily and let the jacket or pants tell their own story. However you choose to take care of them, make sure you pick a strong denim with quality construction that can take a beating.