My name is Zahara, but I’m known in the moto community by Zee. I’ve been riding 5.5 years and started out on a 2016 HD Sportster Iron883. I rode that bike for a little over 4 years then upgraded to my current 2020 HD Low Rider S that I built up to a 131ci engine and other cool customizations and mods. I also just recently purchased a 2021 Road Glide Special in Billiard Teal that I’m building out as well.


My most recent riding adventure was during a trip to Oahu, Hawaii for my 40th birthday. My husband Chuck and I rented motorcycles from a local company and we were able to ride up from Waikiki to North Shore with a couple of my Lita sisters. I can only describe it as riding through Jurassic Park. The mountains were enormous all around and it felt so surreal to be riding through a volcano. As we exited the main highway and rode next to the ocean, you could hear the waves crashing in some areas as well as get a feel for what life is like on the island outside of the city. There were parks with tents set up all around, people out fishing for the day, and horses who belong to a ranch that you could pet and feed (at your own risk). We stopped for lunch at an open air market where Giovanni’s Shrimp truck was the popular food truck to go to. I have never had better tasting shrimp scampi! So yummy and flavorful. We then made our back to our side of the island and made a detour to ride up Tantalus Drive, a windy and curvy mountain that gave you great views of Honolulu from the top. We also ride through the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific where we captured more great views of the island. All in all I would say Hawaii on a motorcycle is a must!!!