If you have been watching this industry for the last 20 years, you have most likely heard the name Billy Lane. If you lived in a house that revolved around motorcycles, Billy was the one to watch on TV.


Building wild motorcycles and living the lifestyle to its fullest was what Billy was known for. As trends change and people grow his passion evolved into keeping the older machines running. Billy wanted to show the work that goes into the older bikes, so a new racing series was started.



In 2017 Sons of Speed was born to showcase pre 1950 machines, this style of racing takes its inspiration from early 1920s board track racing. It's not only about the machines, but more of a family and a brotherhood revolving around the men and women that keep this style of racing alive. In addition to the Sons of Speed Billy has created a new line of motorcycles modeled after his 1945 Crocker. He has named the line Cool Hand Speedco. Each of the Cool Hand bikes will feature a vintage V-twin engine built by hand for each client.


First Mfg is proud to partner with Billy and his crew to bring to life a collection of workwear and leather gear for the fans of Sons of Speed and Choppers Inc. We will be releasing items after Billy has tested and approved each prototype.

Make sure to follow @choppers.inc and @sonsofspeedvintageracing for updates on products and this year's racing schedule.