Sturgis is about exploring the Black Hills and having a good time with like-minded people. Make sure you have the right gear. It will make or break your day in this part of South Dakota. Pack your bags for cool and hot weather.

Sturgis 77th I spent most of the week in a leather jacket, skip to Sturgis 79th the temps were close to 90 with rain in different areas of the hills.

Rain gear is a must, if you pack up and head to Custer State Park, Devils Tower, or just plan to get lost for the day, you will most likely run into a shower or hail. Make sure you have a leather jacket and rain gear on your long road days.

I have had the temps change 30 degrees in a few short hours and been caught in rain and hail just over the next hill.

The black hills can hide a storm just on the other side out of site. So be prepared.

Layer for the day make sure you can stow your gear safely if you don’t have saddle bags. You
don’t want something to come loose and ruin your day or the rider behind you.

We will have multiple vendors in Sturgis and Deadwood selling FMCo gear if you need something when you arrive for the rally.

Best, Aaron