Yes, you are reading that correctly. Recycled Canvas is now available.
I bet you don't think about our leather or canvas scraps that hit the floor in the cutting room, or do you?
If you had a birds eye view of the factory you would see the large amounts of canvas clippings on the ground around each pattern cutter. The scraps are picked up every hour in large bags and at the end of the week we are left with thousands of pounds of cotton waste. Clippings that are large enough to make pockets, small bags, and trimmings are saved.
But we had to find a proper way to dispose of the smaller materials. After speaking with our canvas provider he told us about another mill that was recycling the leftover cuttings. 
All of the discarded canvas is shredded and turned back into spools of thread. Each spool is then dyed, waxed, and woven back into a usable fabric. The new fabric has a unique look and feel to it. Its softer than our Heavy Hitter Raw canvas and has no break in time compared to any other cotton canvas. 
We mentioned waxed thread above.
The waxing creates a barrier and helps keep rain and water out. At some point, you will run into a shower while riding your bike. Adding the extra waxing step in making this fabric is well worth the investment. 
The first product we are introducing to this new segment is our proven Moto Shirt pattern. Its green label is a nod to RRR (reduce-reuse-recycle).  We have reduced our waste, reused the clippings, and recycled it into a new fabric that will last well beyond what you will use it for.
We know these new items will exceed your expectations as well as give you a little something to be proud of.