Over the last 8 years our brand has developed into one of the best motorcycle jacket and vest companies in the US. This achievement has not been easy. Countless days and nights building a small passionate community. Every customer, retail shop, and team member has helped spread the word of our quality.
We are excited to introduce three team members that will be taking over our social media next week. Each one of them brings a unique style to the table. Please welcome the following people into your daily social media scrolling, we are looking forward to watching them grow in our community. Maybe you will relate to a like minded fellow rider or get inspired to take that next adventure on two wheels. 

David  @kojak785

My youth was a whirlwind. From the unpredictability of foster care to the challenges of boys' homes, and navigating through the storm of abuse both at home and school – challenges that easily could have thrown me off course. I lived on both coasts only adding more layers to my experience. From high school in Durham, NC, to the rain-drenched streets of Seattle, WA, before finding myself back in Kansas. It was within these early struggles that my resilience took root.
My rough start is likely why I've always been drawn to helping people. From assisting individuals with mental disabilities to teaching and mentoring young minds, and now working as a plumber – each role has been a lesson from the school of hard knocks. 
Beyond the 9 to 5 grind; if I'm not on two wheels, you'll find me on community theater stages, strumming a guitar, or crafting with leather. Jobs pay bills; passions color life.
Life is a story of adaptability, passion, and resilience. It's not just a series of tasks to get through; it's a celebration of who we are. Embrace your passions, face challenges with resilience, and let your unique story paint the world.


 Whether it be crushing miles through the streets of Brooklyn or through the canyons of the Black Hills, FXDLS Brooklyn has been promoting the performance Dyna/FXR lifestyle on both YouTube and Instagram since 2016.
FXDLS Brooklyn covers a wide range of motorcycle content, including rider profiles,part reviews, and every now and then, the good old joy ride.
A product of the New York Punk and Hardcore scene, FXDLS Brooklyn lives and rides by the principle of PMA - Positive Mental Attitude.


Brandy @brandy.salinas

My love of motorcycles has changed my life. It has changed the dynamic of my small business Haven and Her. It’s led my husband and I to create our own moto apparel brand as well because our lives are consumed with the love of two wheels it carries over into everything we do.
I am a huge advocate of women supporting women so when I’m not working, I am usually out riding with my gal pals. I’m always on the lookout for new women riders. I do love coed rides as well and plan those often in our area so my husband and son can join the fun. 
I love creating moto content so you’ll catch me constantly getting clips of everyone. 
My motto is that it’s never too late to reinvent yourself. If you’re not happy, change your life and buy the bike!!!!  
Follow along, each week one of the team members will show you what they are working on, trips they are planning, or simply a day in the life. Comment, like, and support everyone in the community and most of all have